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Axol SureBond-XF provides a defined, xeno-free surface designed to promote optimal growth and attachment of neural cells.


SureBond-XF is a Xeno-free coating solution optimized for long-term or low density culture of human iPSC-derived neural stem cells, neurons and astrocytes

Axol SureBond-XF provides a defined, xeno-free surface specifically designed to promote optimal growth and attachment of human neural cells. After coating, and a short 4-hour incubation period (at 37oC), your cell culture flask or plate would be ready to receive your cells allowing you to get on with your research and saving your valuable time.


200X concentrate, 1 mL stock SureBond-XF is enough for coating 1000 square centimetre of culture surface area

Supports low density cultures

Xeno-free coating solution

Short coating procedure (4 hours)

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Axol Human iPSC-derived Neural Stem Cells (ax0015) were expanded on vessels coated with SureBond-XF and passaged using Unlock-XF (ax0054). Post-passage the neural stem cells were left to spontaneously differentiate in Neural Maintenance-XF Medium (ax0032).


Tuj1  DAPI

SureBond-XF supports low density cultures

Human Neural Stem Cells (ax0016) were plated onto SureBond-XF coated culture vessels at low density.


Nestin FoxG1

Human Neural Stem Cells (ax0015) cultured on SureBond-XF coated culture vessels.


Pax6 Nestin DAPI

Human Neural Stem Cells (ax0015) cultured on SureBond-XF coated culture vessels.

Product Specification

Size 1 mL
Concentration 200X
Storage conditions 4°C
Xeno free Yes
Sterility Sterile


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Wang W, Wang L, Lu, J, et al.

The inhibition of TDP-43 mitochondrial localization blocks its neuronal toxicity. Nature Medicine (2016)


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We recommend SureBond-XF: Xeno-free coating reagent (Ax0053) in combination with Poly-D-Lysine (Sigma Aldrich, P7405)

Yes, SureBond-XF can be used for an overnight coating.