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axoServicesTM Cellular Assays

Outsource your iPSC project to the experts
Cellular Assays axoServices

Outsource your cellular assays to the experts and prioritize quality, experience and confidence.

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With over a decade of experience in the human iPSC space, we understand that high-quality cell assays are challenging, with significant risks and costs if not performed well. But like you, we also see the enormous value in human iPSCs for building better, more physiologically relevant models of human disease.

That’s why we offer our iPSC expertise to leading biopharma and research organizations globally. We’ve developed a tried-and-tested workflow to offer custom assay capabilities to fit your project needs. We specialize in cellular imaging, flow cytometry, MEA, protein/gene analysis and plate-based assays with a specific emphasis on the quality and communication of assay data.

Clients who work with Axol share our obsession with doing it once and doing it well. We prioritize quality control and robust data reporting, always built-in as standard in our projects, to ensure there are no surprise challenges (or costs), maximizing project success. That gives you more confidence, time and resource to focus on your research to produce better human disease models for drug discovery and beyond.

Choose an axoServicesTM Cellular Assay project for:

Prioritization of quality and consistency
Open discussions with actual iPSC experts
Dependable, high-quality project outcomes

“Working with AXOL has been a professional experience all around. Data was delivered on time and presented in a clear and concise fashion. Our expectations were met, and we plan to work together again.”

Dr Ian Moench, GSK

What do you get with Axol?

Step 1. Kick-off meeting with the Axol iPSC experts

  • Decades of experience in the room
  • Open, two-way communication
  • Rapid follow-up with competitive quote
axoServices Custom cell assay projects

Step 2. Custom cell assay projects

  • Flexible involvement in experimental design
  • In-house expertise to guide design and maximize project success
  • Custom assay capabilities to fit experimental needs

Step 3. Reporting and data sharing

  • Across the service project, all raw data is stored and lab notebooks are maintained in keeping with data management requirements
  • Full written report produced upon project completion with data-sharing meeting for full transparency

Step 4. Ongoing support

  • Continued communication and advice from iPSC experts
  • Ease the adaptation of cells into your experimental system
  • An open channel for future projects, collaborations and partnerships

We offer a bespoke service to fit your needs

As experts in iPSC projects, we offer a full suite of custom cellular assays to match your research needs.

Our capabilities are as follows:

Cellular imaging Flow cytometry Protein and gene analysis Plate-based assays
  • ICC
  • Phagocytosis
  • Chemotaxis
  • Synaptic activity
  • Viability/cell death
  • Cell/protein profiling
  • Cell activation
  • Proliferation and viability
  • Cell signalling
  • Enzymatic activity
  • Cytokine release
  • Protein interactions
  • qPCR and WB
  • Fluorescence
  • Luminescence

We also offer a bespoke MEA (Multi Electrode Array) service with decades of electrophysiology expertise in-house and an industry-leading MEA platform.

If you’d like to explore a custom cellular assay project that isn’t listed above, please get in touch and we can discuss how to best assist you.

Our approach to collaboration

What does the ideal outsourced scientific project look like? We see ourselves as collaborators, partners, bench scientists and project managers, here to work alongside you to support and accelerate your work. And just like you, we like getting the work done efficiently and effectively, with clear open communication throughout.

We also recognize the trust you put in us to support your work, remove the heavy lifting and ensure your timelines proceed on schedule. Ultimately, we’re all progressing towards the same mission so we would be honored to partner on your research and get closer to delivering better therapies for patients.

Our company operates through its stated values and behaviors of Performance, Accountability, Transparency, Collaboration, Diversity & Inclusion and Integrity. With a dedicated services team, we’re always on hand to support in any way we can.

We hope that we can be of service and welcome your enquiries.

Fill in the form and let us know about your special requirements

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