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Human/Murine/Rat BDNF


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SKU: ax139800 (10 µg)

Human/Murine/Rat BDNF


Human/Murine/Rat BDNF

BDNF is a member of the NGF family of neurotrophic growth factors. Like other members of this family, BDNF supports neuron proliferation and survival. BDNF can bind to a low affinity cell surface receptor called LNGFR, which also binds other neurotrophins such as NGF, NT-3 and NT-4. However, BDNF mediates its neurotrophic properties by signaling through a high affinity cell surface receptor called gp145/trkB. BDNF is expressed as the C-terminal portion of a 247 amino acid polypeptide precursor, which also contains a signal sequence of 18 amino acid residues and a propeptide of 110 amino acid residues.

    Product Specification

    Size 10µg
    Purity Verified by SDS-PAGE and, where possible, by RP-HPLC
    Shipping conditions Ambient temperature
    Storage conditions See CoA shipped with product
    Source E.coli
    Endotoxin level < 0.1 ng/μg of protein (< 1 EU/μg)
    Reconstitution See CoA shipped with product
    Stability See CoA shipped with product


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