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We use iPSCs to build more relevant models of human disease to expand your understanding and de-risk drug development.

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Alzheimer’s Disease

In vitro models of Alzheimer’s disease.
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Human iPSCs from people with ALS.
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Parkinson’s Disease

Human iPSCs from people with Parkinson's.
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Huntington’s Disease

Human iPSCs from people with Huntington's Disease.
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Human iPSC derived cells to model human disease

axoServices™ custom laboratory services

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Custom reprogramming of donor cells to iPSCs.


Stem Cell Differentiation

Fast turn-around, small to very large scale iPSC differentiation services.


Genome Editing

Quality rich iPSC gene editing services including clone selection, sequence verification and pluripotency assessment.


Cell Assay Services

‘Omics, imaging and electrophysiology to characterise cells and drug response