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Microglia Complete Cells and Media

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SKU: ax0679

Axol’s Microglia Complete Cell and Media Kit consists of 1 vial of ax0664, cryopreserved microglia (>1 million viable cells per vial) and also Microglia Maintenance Medium, ax0660, which is fully optimized to support the differentiation and culture of Axol’s Human iPSC-derived Microglia.

Supplements A, B and C are also included as part of this kit.

Product Quantity

Microglia Maintenance Medium Kit


Microglia Complete Cells and Media

Kit components 1 x vial of ax0664 hiPSC-derived Mature Microglia; Cryopreserved and 1 x ax0660 Microglia Maintenance Medium

Product Specification

Culture properties Adherent
Bio-Safety Level Axol recommends: Level 2
Donor gender Male
Donor age at sampling 40-50 yrs
Reprogramming method Sendai
Induction method Fully defined medium
Genetic modification None
Size ≥1 million cells per vial
Cell type hiPSC-derived Cryopreserved Mature Microglia
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Vapour phase nitrogen


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