MSCs from healthy donors

MSCs derived from Adipose tissue, Bone Marrow, Umbilical Cord and Pre-adipocytes from healthy donors

MSCs from patient donors

Bone marrow derived MSCs from patients with ALS, Diabetes and Muscular Dystrophy

MSC expansion

MSC growth media tailored for expanding MSCs derived from different tissues

MSC differentiation media

Media to induce differentiation into adipocytes, chondrocytes or osteoblasts


Highly characterized and functionally validated mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow, umbilical cord tissue and pre-adipocytes. The MSCs are derived from healthy donors and are low passage. The MSCs are compatible with our MSC expansion media and MSC differentiation media. We recommend using the MSCs prior to passage 6 for optimal performance in your experiments.

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Custom cell & tissue sourcing

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our custom cell & tissue sourcing service can help you find primary human cells or tissue
from healthy and patient donors. Simply tell us your specifications and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.