Why cell culture media is important for human iPSC-derived cells

Choosing the right cell culture media is important because these solutions provide the essential nutrients, growth factors, and other supplements needed for optimal cell growth and function. These media also help to maintain the correct pH and osmolarity of the culture environment, which are critical for cell survival and proliferation. For human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cells, an appropriate cell culture medium is essential for maintaining the differentiated state of these cells.

Different types of media for different types of cells

Depending on your cell type, you need to choose the appropriate medium. We have developed several types of cell culture media specifically designed for the cultivation and expansion of our human iPSC-derived cells. Here are just a few:

  • Motor Neuron Maintenance Medium supports the growth and culture of our axoCellsTM Motor Neuron Progenitors. 
  • Axol Neural Maintenance Medium is a fully defined, serum-free medium specifically formulated for culturing human cerebral cortical neural stem cells and neurons, or for neural co-culture experiments with astrocytes or microglia.
  • Axol iPSC Cardiomyocyte Maintenance Medium has been developed for optimal culturing and maintenance of our axoCellsTM Cardiomyocytes. Cardiomyocyte Maintenance Medium is free from serum and antibiotics.

Find the right media for your cells

You’ll find recommendations for the right type of media and supporting reagents alongside all of the cell types we have available. If you need help choosing, just get in touch and we can help you decide the best media for your cells and experiments.