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Neurodegenerative disease modelling

In vitro models for research and drug discovery

There is a wide range of neurodegenerative diseases and these come with a saddening array of debilitating effects. Millions of people are affected by these diseases and in almost all cases, there are no know cures. But there is a global effort to devise models that lead to greater understanding and open the way to potential therapeutics. While research has traditionally relied on recreating these complex diseases in humanized animals, there is a growing move to words more in vitro, more human, models.

Using human iPSC derived cells to better model neurodegenerative disease 

Cells developed from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) offer researchers a robust and reliable model for neurodegenerative disease. Being able to direct the differentiation of human iPSCs, taken from a person suffering from a neurodegenerative disease, into cells from the brain presents an incredible modeling opportunity. 

Our axoCellsTM neural stem cells (NSCs) come from healthy patients or those with distinct genetic mutations, like the APOE4 homozygous or Presenilin 1 (PSEN1) mutation seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

Disease models cells and services

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