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Parkinsonism/Machado-Joseph Disease

Machado–Joseph disease (MJD) is a rare autosomal dominantly inherited neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive cerebellar ataxia.

Parkinsonism/Machado-Joseph Disease

Caused by mutations in the ATXN3 gene which produces an abnormal form of the ataxin protein, Parkinsonism/Machado-Joseph disease patients experience degeneration of cells in the hindbrain.

Axol’s Parkinsonism/Machado-Joseph disease lines are derived from patients and are excellent models for investigating the disease. Axol now offers made-to-order differentiated human iPS brain cells, such as microglia, from these MJD lines.

Parkinson's Disease Products

Human iPSCs from Parkinsonism/Machado-Joseph Disease patients