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Axol Bioscience Appoints Chief Business Officer

Axol Bioscience Appoints Chief Business Officer


The stem cell disease model specialists, consolidate and ensure further commercial success by the recruitment of Sanj Kumar as Chief Business Officer

Axol Bioscience, a biotechnology company, specialising in the use of stem cell technology to manufacture disease relevant cell based assay systems to the drug discovery industry, today announced the appointment of Sanj Kumar to the position of Chief Business Officer, an experienced and successful life science executive, well known for establishing and growing life science businesses, most recently at DiscoveRx ltd.

“Axol has built a strong position in the provision of disease relevant cell based assays to the drug discovery industry and has plans to significantly expand its product portfolio, broaden its customer base and deepen it’s relationships with key opinion leaders within pharmaceutical research departments globally” said Dr Yichen Shi CEO of Axol Bioscience. “Our desire to be the drug discovery industry’s most trusted source of disease relevant cell based systems, requires us to strengthen our commercial leadership skills and Sanj has an impressive track record, in this area. He will play a key role in leveraging the promise of stem cell derived disease models.”

As Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DiscoveRx ltd, Mr Sanj Kumar was instrumental in establishing and growing their European business, but in addition has a strong scientific background having studied at the Institute of Neurology, London, then continuing his research career at Nagoya University, Nagoya. He is also Chairman of the UK’s ELRIG organisation, a voluntary organisation that organises science led meetings for the drug discovery community, where his role is to lead the ELRIG board and ensure the provision of cutting edge science to a seven thousand people strong drug discovery community.

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About Axol Bioscience

Axol was co-founded by Jonathan Milner, PhD and Yichen Shi, PhD whose combined expertise and entrepreneurial spirit was the driving force behind the creation of Axol – where innovation, quality and customer service are key. Axol produces highly validated, human cells and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements. The Axol team is passionate about great science, delivering superb customer service and support and innovating future products to help customers advance their research faster. To find out more, visit axolbio.com.

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