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About Axol Bioscience

We use iPSCs to build more relevant models of human disease to expand your understanding and de-risk drug development. 

hiPSCs, human disease and the Axol story

At Axol Bioscience, we support your pursuit of more effective, safer therapies.

Like you, we believe that having more human-relevant disease models which will expand your scientific knowledge and de-risk drug development. We use human iPSCs to achieve this and have been doing this since 2006.

We use donated cells from patients and iPSC technology to build physiologically relevant in vitro models.

We have a special focus on neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease as well as cardiotoxicity to promote drug safety.

When working with candidate compounds or novel therapies, our in vitro platforms give you better earlier-stage modeling and safety testing and later-stage efficacy evaluation and improved patient selection.

With these data comes better insights, helping you de-risk projects, reduce costs and save time during drug development.

Over the last decade, development groups here at Axol have gained an international reputation for our production and characterization of ‘excitable’ cells. These include CiPA-validated cardiomyocytes, widely used in drug safety screening, and neural stem cells from patients with neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, both primary areas for pharmaceutical development. We also generate astrocytes, microglia, and motor neurons.

Axol Bioscience was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Milner and Yichen Shi. Since our merger with Censo Biotechnologies in 2021 we have evolved to offer custom in-house laboratory services to support biotech and pharma and a read-to-sequence library of cells and supporting media and reagents.

Axol operates its manufacturing site under ISO 9001:2015 certification and has an open culture of collaboration and we endeavor to support the future of human research.

For all enquiries, contact operations@axolbio.com

Quality Policy

Axol Bioscience is committed to being a trusted supplier of human iPSC-derived cells, media products, and related contract services for life science discovery. Our quality policy defines our dedication to performance and quality standards that solidify Axol as a supplier of choice in the iPSC market.

A culture of Quality

With the rapid uptake of iPSC-based products and technologies for use in
drug development R&D and screening, there is a growing call from users for
better reproducibility and consistency in these increasingly critical tools.

The three guiding principles of our quality process are:

  • Commitment to a quality culture
  • Commitment to a customer focus
  • Commitment to regulatory compliance

We have ISO 9001:2015 certification at our manufacturing site in Roslin, Scotland.

Leadership in Quality

Quality is central to our work

  • Maintain quality culture through line management and by personal example in work practices
  • Ensure the availability of resources to implement, maintain, and review quality policy and standards
  • Oversee regular audits of both objectives and practices within the QMS system

Always comply with all relevant standards, regulations and industry codes of practice.

Customer Focus

  • Function at all times with work practices that embody the 6 value pillars of the Axol organisation; Performance, Accountability, Transparency, Acting with Integrity, Diversity & Inclusivity, and Collaboration.   
  • Adhere to QMS system that conforms to ISO standards and tracks quality metrics and review that system on a regular basis
  • Provide adequate training for staff to always follow established protocols and procedures
  • Encourages collaboration among scientific talent to ensure best practices are executed and reviewed regularly
  • Conduct a regular review of customer feedback to ensure that the quality system objectives reflect customer expectations

Regulatory Compliance

  • Always comply with all relevant standards, regulations and industry codes of practice

Terms and Conditions

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale before purchasing products from Axol Bioscience

Statement of Use

Download the Axol Statement of Use

We, Axol Bioscience Ltd, hereby certify that any human material or products provided by this company, have been removed or collected with the donor/s prior consent and are intended for research use only. No payment whatsoever has been received by these donors.

In addition, we hereby declare that Censo Biotechnologies Ltd (trading as Axol Bioscience) complies with all relevant standards, regulations and industry codes of practice.

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