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Media, Reagents & Growth Factors

Peripheral Nervous System

We offer a range of optimized media and supplements for differentiation, maturation, maintenance and culture of Axol iPSC-derived motor and sensory neurons. In addition, we offer plating media, growth factors and coating reagents optimized for these cell types


Human iPSC-Derived Sensory Neuron Maximizer Kit

Human iPSC-Derived Sensory Neuron Maximizer Kit

SKU: ax0157

All in one starter kit including 1 vial of the sensory neuron progenitors, 1 bottle of Sensory Neuron Maintenance Medium, the Maturation Maximizer supplement, required growth factors, plating media and SureBond-XF coating substrate


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Human NT-3

SKU: ax139811 (10 µg)

Recombinant Human Neurotrophin-3

10 μg / 100 μg / 500 μg / 1 mg

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