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ARE Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium plus Supplement

axoCells Keratinocyte 3D Culture Starter Kit


Product code:
SKU: ax3710 (500 ml)
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ARE Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium plus Supplement

Axol ARE Hepatocyte Maintenance Medium maintains our assay-ready, cryopreserved human hepatocytes in a fully-functional, differentiated state that is optimal for assays involving hepatocyte metabolism, CYP induction and polarity. The medium is serum-free, does not contain phenol red and is ideal for endpoint assays.

Axol provide L-Glutamine (5 mL) and Supplement A (5 mL) with the Maintenance Medium.

In order to obtain Hepatocyte High Performance Medium add the entire contents of Supplement A and L-Glutamine to the Medium.

All components were tested negative for microbial contamination.

Axol can provide ax3710 also insulin-free.

Product Specification

Size 500 mL
Shipping conditions Blue ice
Storage conditions 4°C
Sterility Sterile


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