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Media, Reagents & Growth Factors

Axol supplies a broad range of human cell culture media, reagents and growth factors that are optimized for the culture of specific human cell types.
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AXOL Media, Reagents & Growth Factors



Axol provides a range of thaw, plating, maintenance and growth media for various hepatocytes, stellate, kupffer, sinusoidal endothelial, and biliary epithelial cell types available



Axol provides both macrophage and microglial maintenance media and supplements for the culture of iPSC-derived macrophages and microglia


Cardiovascular System

We provide a fully-defined culture medium and coating reagents optimized for use with Axol’s cardiomyocytes for maximal recovery and viability for experimental assays


Peripheral Nervous System

We offer a range of optimized media and supplements for differentiation, maturation, maintenance and culture of Axol iPSC-derived motor and sensory neurons. In addition, we offer plating media, growth factors and coating reagents optimized for these cell types


Central Nervous System

We offer a range of optimized media and supplements for differentiation,  maintenance, and culture of Axol iPSC-derived neural cells. We offer xeno-free medium for the maintenance of NSCs and neurons, in addition to plating media, growth factors, and coating reagents

All Media, Reagents & Growth Factors Products


Human iPSC-Derived Sensory Neuron Maximizer Kit

SKU: ax0157

All in one starter kit including 1 vial of the sensory neuron progenitors, 1 bottle of Sensory Neuron Maintenance Medium, the Maturation Maximizer supplement, required growth factors, SureBond-XF coating substrate


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Human NT-3

SKU: ax139811 (10 µg)

Recombinant Human Neurotrophin-3

10 μg / 100 μg / 500 μg / 1 mg

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