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Primary Human Kupffer Cells

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SKU: ax3755

Please enquire for the latest donor availability and price.

Product Quantity

Human Kupffer Cell Plating Medium

Human Kupffer Cell Maintenance Medium


Primary Human Kupffer Cells

Human Hepatic Kupffer Cells cryopreserved after isolation without being cultured.

Product Specification

Donor gender Please inquire
Donor age at sampling Please inquire
Genetic modification None
Size 1 million cells. cells/vial *Lot dependent. Please inquire for latest lot quantity and price
Growth properties Adherent
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen
Xeno free No
Usage notes Use Axol Uncultured Kupffer Cell Plating Medium & Maintenance Medium for maximal recovery and viability of the Kupffer cells. Culture vessels must be coated with Type I Collagen (ax3799). See our Kupffer Cell Protocol for detailed instructions.


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