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axolGEM iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells MAPT R406W HOM

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axolGEM iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells MAPT R406W HOM

Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells that have been genetically edited using CRISPR-Cas9 technology to introduce the R406W mutation (CGG>TGG) into the MAPT gene. This line is homozygous for the R406W mutation so both alleles contain the mutation. Click on the product images to see the data and further details.

The R406W mutation in MAPT has been implicated in familial frontotemporal dementia and parkinsonism (Hutton et al., 1998; Behnam et al., 2015) and has been seen in patients with clinical presentation resembling Alzheimer’s disease (Rademakers et al., 2003; Lindquist et al., 2008). The R406W mutation reduces the ability of MAPT/tau to bind to microtubules in vitro (Hong et al., 1998).

Product Specification

Starting material Dermal fibroblast
Donor gender Female
Donor age at sampling 64 yrs
Karyotype Normal
Reprogramming method Episomal vector
Induction method Monolayer & chemically defined medium
Genetic modification Homozygous for the MAPT R406W mutation (CGG>TGG)
Genetic modification Contains a puromycin resistance cassette (intronic)
Size ≥1.5 million cells
Growth properties Adherent
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen


Hutton M, Lendon CL, Rizzu P et al.

Association of missense and 5′-splice-site mutations in tau with the inherited dementia FTDP-17. Nature (1998)

Rademakers R, Dermaut B, Peeters K et al.

Tau (MAPT) mutation Arg406Trp presenting clinically with Alzheimer disease does not share a common founder in Western Europe. Human Mutation (2003)

Lindquist SG, Holm IE, Schwartz M et al.

Alzheimer disease-like clinical phenotype in a family with FTDP-17 caused by a MAPT R406W mutation. European Journal of Neurology (2008)

Hong M, Zhukareva V, Vogelsberg-Ragaglia V et al.

Mutation-specific functional impairments in distinct tau isoforms of hereditary FTDP-17. Science (1998)

Behnam M, Ghorbani F, Shin JH et al.

Homozygous MAPT R406W mutation causing FTDP phenotype: A unique instance of a unique mutation. Gene (2015)


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