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Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells – Trisomy X Patient

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Neural Stem Cells from a Trisomy X Patient

Trisomy X (Triple X) syndrome occurs at a frequency of approximately 1 in 1000 newborn females. The syndrome is associated with an increased risk of seizures and may affect short-term memory and learning although the majority of women affected show few clinical symptoms. Axol has developed iPSC-derived neural stem cells from a patient with the triple X chromosomal abnormality. All of the iPS cells examined (20 individual cells karyotyped), had trisomy X.

Axol Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells

Axol Human iPSC-Derived Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) are derived from integration-free, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) under fully defined neural induction conditions. The NSCs express typical markers of cerebral cortical neural stem and progenitor cells such as PAX6, FOXG1 and nestin, and spontaneously form polarized neural tube-like rosette structures when plated as a monolayer in culture (see below). Additionally, Axol NSCs are capable of generating a spectrum of cerebral cortical excitatory and inhibitory neurons that are electrically active and have the ability to form functional synapses and circuits in vitro. After thawing and plating, the neural stem cells terminally differentiate to acquire mature electrophysiological properties, and form functional synaptic networks over a period of 40 ~ 50 days.

Axol NSCs are easy to differentiate to neurons or mixed neural cell types, following our protocols and using our tailored media and reagent bundles. A highly pure population of neurons can be generated from Axol NSCs following the synchronous differentiation protocol. Using our specialized coating reagents, neurons derived from Axol NSCs can be maintained in culture long-term (>1 year). NSCs are available from multiple donors to suit your research needs and have been characterized extensively.

Product Specification

Starting material Dermal fibroblast
Donor gender Female
Donor age at sampling 80 yrs
Karyotype Trisomy X (47, XXX)
Reprogramming method Episomal vector
Induction method Monolayer & chemically defined medium
Genetic modification None
Size ≥1.5 million cells
Cell type iPSC-derived neural stem cells
Growth properties Adherent
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Storage conditions Liquid nitrogen


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Plate the cells on Readyset + Surebond (ax0052)