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MEA (Multi-electrode Array) Services

We specialise in the supply of human cell culture systems and custom services for disease modeling and drug discovery

Axol Bioscience has combined its extensive catalogue of iPSC-derived cell-types, its wealth of experience working with these cells and over 20 years of in-house electrophysiology expertise with the market-leading Maestro Pro multiwell MEA system from Axion Biosystems to create an unrivalled offering of a bespoke electrophysiological assay service.

MEA Services

What we offer:


6-well, 24-well, 48-well and 96-well Formats

Market-leading 132 parameter suite of electrophysiological options

Waveform Characteristics, Electrode Activity, Bursting Behaviour, Network Properties, Oscillation, Synchrony

Additional Impedance and Contractility Modes

Label-free, Long-term, Continuous, Real-Time, Low Noise Recording

Full Environmental Support

Multiplexing Options

What we can do for you

We offer multiple services for you to choose from:


Host of services also featuring our in-house sensory cell lines

• Neuronal Characteristics
• Disease Phenotyping
• Compound Screening
• Regional Variations
• Co-Culture
• Tri-Culture
• Quad-Culture
• Neurotoxicity Screening
• Seizurogenic Screening
• 3D Culture
• Side-by-Side Culture
• Neural Organoids


Gold standard equipment and services including cardiotoxicity screening

• Cardiac Characteristics
• Disease Phenotyping
• Compound Screening
• Contractility
• Impedance
• Inotrophic Compound Screening
• Cardiotoxicity Screening
o Acute Cardiotoxicity

  • – HERG block
  • – Off-target Effects
  • – Rise-time Changes
  • – Repolarization Effects
  • – Triangulation Detection
  • – Arrhythmia Detection
  • – Propagation Pattern Changes
  • – Conduction Velocity Changes

o Chronic Cardiotoxicity

  • Cell Death
  • Synctium Disruption
  • Propagation Pattern Changes
  • Conduction Velocity Changes

• Cardiac Pacing
• Co-Culture
• 3D Culture
• Cardiac Organoids

Coming Soon!

Our range of upcoming MEA services

• Real-Time Tracking
• Impedance
• Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity
• Disease Models
• Cytotoxicity
• Scratch Assay, Wound Healing
• Proliferation, Migration and Invasion
• GCPR-function

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Our dedicated Services team can help you. Our cell reprogramming services can be tailored to meet your experimental requirements, helping you to save time and resources. Please also download our Statement of Use for further details.

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