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Product Catalog

Our mission is to be your valued partner in the delivery of quality, consistent iPSC derived cells, models or assay data to drive R&D and drug discovery

Our expertise includes induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) generation, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, iPSC differentiation and custom cell and tissue sourcing


Our Products

Axol’s custom research capabilities in gene editing, electrophysiology, reprogramming, and differentiation means we can offer customers validated ready-to-use cell products, media, disease lines, and a suite of services bolstered by deep scientific expertise and robust functional data – all with short lead times.

Download our brochure

Download our products and services catalog for 2021/22 to find out how we’re innovating on our mission to be valued partners in the delivery of quality, consistent iPSC-derived cells, models or assay data to drive R&D and drug discovery.   Inside the catalog you will find:

  • Our full list of ready-to-ship iPSCs and cell culture reagents 
  • The disease model cell lines that we can use to make differentiated cells made to order
  • A complete description of our custom research services