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Custom Standing Orders

Schedule regular delivery of your most frequent purchases and save up to 10%

At Axol, we provide a unique opportunity for you to choose a delivery schedule for our products and services that fits your unique research needs. Time your products to appear at regular intervals in line with your research projects. Contact us to discuss how we can schedule automatic delivery of your most frequent purchases.

Custom Standing Orders

Why subscribe?

As well as offering you convenience and flexibility, by subscribing you can save up to 10% on regular purchases. There are no upfront charges for our subscription service- you pay only when your products are shipped.

Simply email us at support@axolbio.com and we will respond to your inquiry within 24hrs (Monday – Friday).

How does it work?

Signing up to our subscription service is an easy and efficient process. Firstly, we will discuss with you about your specific requirements and tailor a package for you. Some initial information that we require to get started is:

1. The catalog number(s) of cell product(s) that you’d like to subscribe to.

2. How frequently you’d like us to deliver the product(s) to you.

3. The quantity (e.g. number of kits or plates) per delivery

4. How long you’d like to keep the subscription active.


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