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Human iPSC derived cells

Ready to ship, human iPSC derived cells

At Axol, we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality, robust iPSCs and reagents that scientists can rely on. Our mission is to drive drug discovery by delivering quality and consistent: iPSC-derived cells, models, and assay data. Cells are manufactured under stringent quality control measures. All our cell products undergo at least 7 different quality control tests.

Our scientists are innovators in the neuroscience, neuroimmune and cardiac cell spaces. We are constantly working to improve the physiological relevance of assays by bringing new disease models online from patient samples, and developing co-culture models that better recapitulate the native cell environment.



Central Nervous System Cells

Axol offers central nervous system healthy and diseased human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to enable an understanding of neurological disease pathways and progression.


Peripheral Nervous System Cells

Axol offers healthy and diseased sensory and motor neuron human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to enable an understanding of neurological disease pathways and progression


Immune Cells

Axol Human iPSC-Derived Microglia are derived from iPSCs that have undergone an intermediate differentiation to monocytes prior to directed terminal differentiation to microglia.


Liver Cells

Axol’s cryopreserved, uncultured primary human hepatocytes isolated from liver tissue. Our primary hepatocytes have been validated for CYP induction and have post-thaw viability and plateability of >70%. We also offer purified hepatic stellate cells, intra-hepatic biliary epithelial cells and cryopreserved human Kupffer cells.


Cardiovascular System

Axol human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes allow scientists to build their own human cellular models to accelerate their research

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