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Axol Travel Grant Recipient: Neurobiology of Brain Disorders 2016

Guest Author

Day 5: Media Change

We have reached day 7 of our investigation into the suitability of Axol hyCCNs for studying axonal biology using microfluidic culture devices. Unfortunately, the major highlights at these point are changing media and checking cells under the microscope while we wait for the assay to come to fruition (a familiar scenario to those experienced in cell culture). Prior to today, we prepared the microfluidic culture device and began the culture of human cerebral cortical neuron with the expectation that the axons would pass through the microgroove within 2 weeks of plating the cells.

In the last post (Day 5) we saw an axon peeking through the other side and were cautiously optimistic about the progression our neurons had made. Here is what happened on Day 7!

To do:

  • Replace the medium with Complete Axol Neural Maintenance Medium.
  • Check how the cortical neurons are growing on the microfluidic device.

Brightfight image of the microfluidic culture device loaded with Axol hyCCNs (ax0026F) taken at 10X magnification. Human cerebral cortical neurons are loaded in the channel on the left side of the device.  More hyCCNs axons are starting to appear in the right side channel of the device as they pass through the 450μm microgroove!

We will check back on them in a couple of days to see what happens!

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