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Co-Culture Models

Axol’s iPSC-derived cells can be grown in co-culture to provide a more physiologically relevant scenario for cellular development and function. We continually develop and refine our co-culture methods to develop, bi, tri and quad-culture options.

Human iPSC Co-Culture Models

The physiological relevance of human disease modeling with iPSCs is being transformed by advances in co-culture technology

Co-culturing human iPSC-derived cells for better assays

Axol scientists are experts in iPSC technology and cell culture. Our robust, quality-manufactured iPSCs are the perfect model for reliably investigating cellular systems in health and disease.

Our R&D teams are constantly innovating in this space to bring customers reliable co-culture platforms for the development of bi, tri and quad cell culture environments. Reach out to learn more about our developments in this space, and how our scientists and platforms could aid your research


    Assay Development

    Axol’s iPSC-derived cells are robust and reproducibly made, making them the perfect tool for your assay development requirements.

    Axol Services

    Stem Cell Differentiation

    We provide cost-effective services to generate multiple cell types from your iPSCs. Our protocols are tailored for large scale production.

    Stem Cell Reprogramming

    Our custom reprogramming and characterization services empower you to focus on your research interests and not use up your valuable time and resources generating cells